А complete range of charging solutions

Keba  KeContact P30

With only one product in different versions, variants and equipment series, with this wallbox we can cover all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, application cases, areas of use and markets worldwide. This makes our KeContact P30 wallbox particularly, but not exclusively, interesting to internationally operating car companies.

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Home Charging Stations

These Home Boxes are ideal for fixing on the wall at home or at work. All of the parts are housed in an impressive and extremely robust casing so that you will be able to charge your car safely. These Home Boxes are up to 10 times quicker charging than with a domestic plug.

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Public AC Charging Stations

Our public charging stations rank among the top for charging electric and hybrid cars. Thanks to the modular technology, with on-board software which can be remotely adjusted and interchangeable modules, this device has been made to last more than 10 years under demanding circumstances.

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DC Fast Chargers

The future of transportation is electric. DC fast chargers are essential for achieving this goal.  ELBUL offers a complete range of DC fast charging stations. These charging stations are manufactured by our partners from DBT France and Tritium Australia who are  true leaders and pioneers in electric mobility.

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