How to charge


1. You need to identify yourself to the charging station

You can identify yourself  with:

– Elbul RFID card

          You can order a card and at the registration process

          Show your RFID card to the charging station.  

– Elbul mobile app

      Choose the charging point from the map and slide “Start charging”.

– One-time payment with credit card

       If you don’t want to register, you can use one- time payment:

             1. Go to with your browser or scan the QR code

             2. Insert the charger ID (the digits on the charging device)

             3. Click “Pay with credit card” and follow the instructions

 2. Plug in

Plug in your car. Charging starts automatically.

3. Stop Charging                

Stop the charging event with the  same mobile app or RFID. Unplug. The service will charge your Elbul account automatically.

Need help?

Contact our support:

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As a registered user, charging is fast and easy. 

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